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"Danube Area Research Center" is a non-profit organization, established to achieve objectives in the field of scientific research, inter-regional cooperation and education of young people from countries in the Danube region.

Danube Spring School 2017

03-09 May 2017, Novi Sad, Serbia

Danube Area Research Center (DAReC) is a non-governmental organization, with the main goals to educate young people interested in the research of Danube region, establishing partnerships with the civil society and academic communities and implementing projects.

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The Spring Archeology School 2018

The Danube Area Research Center, in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy, implemented the project "Spring Archeology School 2018"....

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10th lecture of the program Startup Romani Women

The 10th lecture of the program Startup Romani Women was held on Friday, June 2nd. The topic of this lecture was Public appearance. The lecture was...

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Social entrepreneurship and SWOT analysis

On Friday 18th of May 2017 lectures were held by Dragan Radosavljevic from the association "Voice of minorities" as a part of the project...

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